Siena the perfect place for your holidays …

The City of Siena – Jealous of its traditions and suspicious of external interferences that might change it, Siena is the italian city more intensly characterized..

Spectacular Aestetics – Siena – today’s largest and better preserved european city – appears impressive at first sight: the colours of the buildings, the streets winded on each other, the iscriptions … a city frozen in time.

Historical Relevance – Visiting Siena is an itinerary in the origins of western culture, when the late middle ages gave birth to the italian City-States: for a short but intense period, Siena standed out in the european world of the time, and the legacy of the civilization it produced are still evident in its huge historic and artistic heritage.

Siena Today – Siena today has maintaine non only the appereance of the past but even the identity of an authentic medieval city, which is evident in the sense of belonging of its residents and their indipendence from the external world.

Calendar – Although local councils constantly try to invent new turist entertainments, the most important and relevant events in Siena are the same, tested for centuries and unique in the world: the Palio and the Chigi Accademy.