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Charming Relais in Siena center

Charming Accommodation in Siena center

Within the renaissance outside walls, the Palazzo appears today the way it was arranged as a Family residence in the 19th century and later as a Pensione in the 1920’s: an elegant ambiance of classic design with antique family furniture, perfectly blended with the private and tranquil atmosphere of a home. 
The hotel is conceived not just as a confortable overnight accomodation but as shelter from the outside world: the sitting rooms, the english bookshop, the bar, the lemon-house and a unique garden inside the city walls, all offer private spots where guests may spend time reading, entertain friends or simply relax while sipping an aperitivo and looking at the sunset over the hills sorrounding the city
Hence, this Siena Hotel, inspired by its story and loved by owners and staff, caters today to individual travellers who seek not just any accomodation in Siena but a welcoming, conforting and heritage oasis within the walls of the medieval city of Siena.

Elegant Historic Hotel in Siena

The story of the Palazzo Ravizza dates back to the Great War, when Miss Elena and Giuditta Grottanelli de Santi inherited the Palazzo from their cusins Ravizza. After moving in the Palazzo, these sienese aristocratic ladies realized they couldn’t afford their old fashioned style of life, and opened their home to paying guests who spent long periods in Siena, hence the name Pensione catering to boarding customers.
The protected and elegant atmosphere of this sienese Pensione, the aristocratic style the house and the garden soon turned Palazzo Ravizza into a landmark in the city of Siena, particularly for anglosaxon and international travellers: among them, many historians, musicians, influential writers and art collectors such as Miss Helen Frick (Frick Library in New York) who as a personal friend of the Grottanelli ladies, helped and encouraged the conversion of the Palazzo into the Pensione, and who donated the Steinway concert piano in the salon.
Over 80 years after, Palazzo Ravizza is an indipendent hotel run by the same family, maintaining the same style and interiors and today guests will find unchanged those special qualities of this Siena Hotel described in the Old Visitor’s Books: its calmness, style, attentive staff and peaceful atmosphere.
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