Walk through Siena to read the town as a book

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January in Siena isn’t only a cold month, because you can just sip a tea in front of a fireplace after a visit to a medieval contrada, but is also a period for a deepening of Siena history thanks to the six itineraries offered by Toscanalibri.it, “Passeggiate d’autore”.

The meetings will be on weekends and will start on Saturday 18th, each tour includes a guide, a moderator and a special guest: at 11:00 am it will start the route dedicated to the “goliardi rites”, the favorite places by the University students, La Lizza, Via della Sapienza, Piazza Indipendenza, Conca d’Oro, Rettorato dell’Università di Siena and Teatro dei Rinnovati. On the same day at 3:00 pm it will begin the guided tour “The Middle Age of Pilgrims” that go across the legendary Francigena Route; on Sunday 19th you will discover more about the Jewish Senese community, which exists from 700 years, as proved by the Synagogue and the ghetto.

The guided tour of Sunday at 3:30 pm it will be dedicated to Boccaccio and to the short stories of Decameron set in Siena! On Saturday 25 the last event is at the show stages, the theaters and the music halls, along with Moni Ovadia, which better end for a crackling month full of good omens?

To book a tour and ask more information please send an email to redazione@toscanalibri.it or call the number 0577.391787.

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