Wellness holidays in Siena surroundings

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This year the spring season is truly warm in Siena, and this invites us to suggest you a regenerating holiday at the thermal baths of the Siena province that allow you to relax and delete every stress typical of the everyday life.

We already recommended some destinations in the post Thermal baths around Siena, now we take the opportunity to provide further advice to those who want a stay in the sign of quietness and wellness.

It’s necessary to move from the historical center of Siena, however some thermal baths are located a few kilometers from the city, they are easy to reach and you can come back in time to enjoy the attractions of the city of Palio!

Terme di Petriolo


Terme di Petriolo close to Siena

Credits Terme di Petriolo: © Raimond Spekking CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that Cicero mentioned the Terme di Petriolo in an oration?
The beneficial properties of this thermal waters, which flow at a temperature of 43° C, have been known for centuries since they can cure rheumatism and disease in the most natural way.

The source originates in the Ombrone Valley, in the border area between the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, and there are two alternatives to enjoy the thermal baths: go to the free area, where you can dip in the natural thermal baths for free; or access Petriolo’s wellness center, surrounded by the lush Tuscan countryside, where you can ask for specific treatments such as balneotherapy and mud therapy.

The thermal complex was built at the beginning of the XV century and, during the Renaissance era, became a very sought after destination, especially by the families of the Medici and the Gonzaga.

The Spa has been completely rebuilt and today it boasts a modern and welcoming design, perfect for travelers looking for a regenerating break.

Petriolo Thermal Baths are part of the municipality of Monticiano and are the closest to Siena, as they are about 30 km far from the city and can be reached by car in just 20 minutes.

Le Galleraie a Radicondoli


Vacanze di benessere nei dintorni di Siena

Credits foto: Marco Ramerini

Have you ever heard of the Carline Nature Reserve? It’s located near to Radicondoli, a medieval hamlet that is worth a visit, due to its ancient strongholds such as the Castello di Falsini (visitable outside) and Montigegnoli Castle, now privately owned and auctioned.

The Carline wood surrounds Radicondoli and the thermal baths of Le Galleraie, dating back to 1862. The hypothermal waters, classified as sulfate-bicarbonate-calcium type, flow at a temperature of 29° C and are suitable for very different wellness and aesthetic treatments, so a visit to Radicondoli allows you to get your own inner balance in a natural context of absolute quietness.

Bagno Vignoni


Bagno Vignoni piazza delle sorgenti

Bagno Vignoni, Credits: Visit Tuscany https://flic.kr/p/AJhQ8t


On several occasions we mentioned Bagno Vignoni as a must-see destination in Siena; although it is well-known for its Piazza delle Sorgenti, a medieval tub in the center of the town, where water flows from the thermal spring, it’s no longer possible to dive into the tub and the only accessible thermal baths require paid admission.

However, we recommend to admire the steaming Piazza delle Sorgenti up close, exploring the hamlet by walk and reaching Parco dei Mulini, a park immersed in Mediterranean scrub and visitable following a nature trail, suitable also for those who isn’t an expert trekker.

For further information about Bagno Vignoni please check the website www.termedibagnovignoni.it.

Where will you spend your next wellness stay? We hope that Siena will amaze you this time too, we look forward to welcome you!

Credits preview photo: Paolo Fefe’ https://flic.kr/p/6yAGUh

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